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In the beauty bath...

The moisturizing beauty bath that is gentle on your skin.
Why don’t you unwind both mind and body in the superior quality natural Yuhigaura onsen with beautiful sunsets and the Sea of Japan stretching out before your very eyes.…

Rotemburo (open-air baths)

Natural Yuhigaura Onsen
beauty bath

Yuhigaura Onsen is famous as a beauty bath and reputed among women as being good for moisturizing skin. Aroma beauty treatments after taking a bath are very effective! You can expect good things of the synergy of the beauty bath + beauty treatments.

The rotemburo with rocks surrounded by a bamboo fence is an excellent healing spot that guides you to exhilarating feelings. A comfortable bath in which you want to stay forever.

*24 hour bathing is possible

Natural Yuhigaura Onsen
Beauty treatments

Why don’t you spend a blissful moment in time being massaged by warm hands, enveloped in the perfumes of aromatherapy?
A “healing treatment” to relieve the fatigue of the mind and body that accumulates from day to day so that you return to your true self. Uses Japanese-style essential oils such as mandarin orange, cherry, hydrangea, Japanese Cypress and lily.

Indoor baths

Indoor baths

A spacious indoor bath in which you could almost swim if there was no one around. Yuhigaura Onsen which is also called by its other name “Beauty bath” is a weak alkaline onsen that is gentle on the skin while moisturizing and its gentle properties are its main feature. Makes your skin smooth and silky. Enjoy a relaxing moment.

Indoor baths

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