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Minori Ryokan, Tango/Inn of cuisine


4 storey Sukiya style exterior

4 storey Sukiya style exterior

Sukiya style inn Sukiya style inn

A Sukiya (the style of a tea ceremony house) style inn with a calm appearance. Because we want to welcome guests, the simple but elegant interior design is polished. We are, at any rate, scrupulous about comfort in our comfortable and spacious guest rooms.

Comfortable and spacious guest rooms
Comfortable and spacious guest rooms

We are scrupulous about the spaciousness of our guest rooms with all rooms having at least 12.4m2 making the design neat and spacious. At any rate, we are scrupulous about comfort.

The 4 storey building with a Sukiya style exterior welcomes guests warmly. Relax and take it easy in mind and body in a Sukiya style inn.

Yukata rental Yukata rental

We rent coloured Yukata (light Japanese kimono worn as a bath robe) free of charge for women.
Please feel free to ask.

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