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Yuhigaura Onsen, Tango PeninsulaMap

Minori Ryokan, Tango/Inn of cuisine

Ingredients carefully selected by the ryokan.

Snow Crab

Crab cooked on a ceramic plate to condense its flavour

Snow Crab
Snow Crab
Live Bearded Clams Live Bearded Clams

Whole live Bearded Clams Odoriyaki

Hand-picked Tajima Beef Hand-picked Tajima Beef

Hand-picked pedigree Tajima Beef


The great tastes of Tango… The great tastes of Tango

Extraordinarily fresh seafood caught in the local fishing harbor…
We are scrupulous about choosing local produce from Tango because we want you to like Tango for its really delicious food.

The great tastes of Tango

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