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Sakaya Inn

Yoshina Onsen, Izu Amagi, Shizuoka Prefecture

Sakaya Inn ( onyado-sakaya )

101 Yoshina, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 410-3208

By car : Numazu Interchange on the Tomei Expressway to Izu Chuo Highway - R136 - R414, turn right at Yoshina Entrance traffic lights
By train : (1) Narita Airport -- ( Airport bus ) -- JR Tokyo Sta. (2) JR Tokyo Sta. -- ( JR Limited express odoriko ) -- Shuzenji Sta.
(3)15 minutes by taxi from Shuzenji sta. / 20 minutes by bus from Shuzenji sta. get on the NO.4 line of Tokai bus (get off at Yoshina onsen iriguchi)
Yoshina onsen iriguchi Sta. -- ( Shuttle bus ) -- onyado-sakaya ( need reservations, Shuttle time: 15:00~17:00)

Parking available (free of charge) / Shuttle bus available (Conditions apply)

【Available languages】
Simple English , Simple French

Room with Rotemburo The Spirit of Hospitality

Founded around 400 years ago, this is a quiet inn that was once a Sake brewery in the Edo period.
The quiet hot spring village surrounded by mountains has had a temple since before 1280 and was the “cure land” where water sprung forth. This facility was long used for brewing Sake but its business was changed to an inn in the Edo period and it is currently run by the 24th generation of the family.
The clean and pure spring water that creates original local Sake and fresh local vegetables that are used in the cuisine has a good reputation.

Tateyamaso Deluxe Room wide corridor and homemade place liquor Its history is long. It is also famous as a “fertility bath” due to the fact that 2 of the concubines of Ieyasu Tokugawa Shogun fell pregnant during their visit for a hot spring cure. The film director Akira Kurosawa known as the “World’s Kurosawa” and the painter Taro Okamoto both long enjoyed this onsen and there is also a connection with the writer of “The Dancing Girl of Izu”, Yasunari Kawabata, a literary master.

The charm of a source that has flowed from time immemorial, cuisine made from local sea and mountain produce and nature overflowing with tranquility. In addition, the simple “spirit of hospitality” that has long and unchangingly welcomed travellers continues to attract many people.

Guest rooms / Guest room facilities

Western-style rooms ×
Japanese-style rooms ○ 18 Rooms
Western /
Japanese-style rooms
Other Room with Rotemburo ( Japanese-style rooms ) 6 Rooms
Total number of rooms 24 Rooms
Standard room facilities All rooms have baths / toilets / All rooms have showers / All rooms have heaters / air conditioners / TV / Satellite TV / Refrigerator / Toilet with warm water bidet function

Onsen / Baths

Onsen Yoshina Onsen Continuous flow of natural onsen from the source
 ( 100% source water with no added heat or water )
Properties Weak Alkaline Simple Onsen
Ailments Joint pain / Neuralgia / Gastrointestinal disorders / Fertility Onsen
(open-air baths)
○ ( Male : 1 / Female : 1 / Dedicated private mixed bathing : 2 )
alternating between men and women at 1 am
Indoor baths ○ ( Male : 1 / Female : 1 )
alternating between men and women at 1 am
Sauna ×
Private baths ○ ( Rotemburo only / Free of charge / No reservation required :2 )
of use for baths
Can be used 24 hours a day
The use of soap is not permitted in private and public rotemburo

Amenities / Facilities / Services

Check-in 15 : 00~ ※Priority by time of check-in for each accommodation plan.
Check-out ~10 : 00 ※Priority by time of check-out for each accommodation plan.
Ryokan facilities Outdoor pool / Mini Table tennis / Irori (Japanese hearth) / Bar (charges apply) / Banquet hall / Karaoke facilities (charges apply) / Lounge / Mini Billiards / Taro Okamoto Gallery / Tea room / Japanese Garden
Services Massage (charges apply) / Acupuncture and moxibustion (charges apply) / Wheelchair rental ( free of charge ) / Use of microwave oven for baby food, etc. ( free of charge ) / Introduction to ceramics (charges apply) / Golf / Tennis courts ・ Reservation of sports grounds, etc. ・ Provision of temple fertility prayers (charges apply for prayers)
Payment method Credit cards are not accepted
Amenity goods Toothbrush /
Razor Cotton buds
Soap Shower cap Comb / brush
Guest room provisions Bath towel Shower gel Yukata (as a bath robe)
Hand towel Hairdryer Pajamas ×
Shampoo Down quilt Bath robe ×

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